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Pat Green - John Wayne and Jesus

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Song: John Wayne & Jesus
Written and Performed by: Pat Green
Album: George's Bar	
Notes: On "George's Bar" the song is played with a capo on the 
third fret, but he plays it with a capo on the second fret live.  I 
think it sounds better on the second.  Anyway, the picking at the 
begining is very easy.  As he picks the Low E and A strings, he lightly 
picks the upper three strings.  I'll only tab the two bass strings. The 
rest is easy enough to figure out, only picking the Low E and A strings 
sounds fine anyway. In the chorus, he does a walk down from G to Em.  
It's not hard to figure out.  This is my very first tab, let me know 
what you think.  LONG LIVE TEXAS MUSIC.

e----------------------------------2-0-2-2--------  (2x)

       G                        C
I met John Wayne and Jesus when I was just a kid
      G                                  C                              
They both had on their cowboy hats just like I pictured them
   G                                C
I stood up at the front of the class waving my American Flag
            G           D              G
saying the pledge sang amber waves of grain.

           C            D        G
chorus:	I sing all the songs of America
       C              D            G
	Danced in the rain in Lafayette
	    C              D       G <--walkdown--> Em
	I'm still hanging out with John Wayne and Jesus
              C               D                G
	and I know that is as good as life can get 

additional lyrics:

I had a big time when I was dwon in Houston
I fell in love and I mover to New Orleans
Well, she said "so long" and I'm here all alone	
She's still got a little bitty piece of me


Well John Wayne and Jesus moved to Hollywood
Workin' behind the scenes on MTV
me I'm still right down here in Texas
I know that's where I was always meant to be


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