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Shania Twain - God Bless the Child

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GOD BLESS THE CHILD      Shania Twain

|A |  |    |A  |  |
Halleluyah, Halleluyah
|D            |A        |E
  God bless the child who suffers  [Halleluyah]
E       A               A
Halleluyah  [Halleluyah] Halleluyah [Halleluyah]
|D            |A       E    |
  God bless the young without mothers
|A          |         |              |
This child is homeless, that childs on crack
    |D                         |               |A         |
One plays with a gun while the other takes the bullet in his back
|           |                         |
This boys a beggar, that girl sells her soul
|D                 |                |A       |
They both work the same street, the same hell hole.
|A    |                  |       |
Halleluyah  [Halleluyah] Halleluyah [Halleluyah]
|D            |A        |E
  God bless the child  who suffers
|E     |A                 |       |
Halleluyah  [Halleluyah] Halleluyah [Halleluyah]
|D        |A           |E
  Let every man help his brother.
|Bb               |          |                       |
Some were born addicted and some are just thrown away
     |Eb                    |                       |Bb               |
And some have daddies who make them play games they don't want to play
            |Bb               |Eb             |Bb          |Eb
But there's Hope  [Hope] And faith [faith] That we must understand
     |Eb             |Bb                  |F             |Bb
That all Gods children need is love and us to hold their little hands    yeh
|Bb  |F  |Eb  |Bb
|B         |           |                   |
This boy is hungry, he ain't got enough to eat

|E               |              |B         |
That girls cold and she ain't got no shoes on her feet
        |B            |            |                |
When a child's spirits broken and feels all hope is gone
|E  |                   |B              |
God help them find the strength to carry on.
                   |B                |E           |B           |E
Cause with a little hope [hope] And  faith [faith] If we can understand, 
     |E               |B                    |F#           |B
that all Gods children need  is love and us to hold their little hands  yeh.
|            |B                |B
[With a little hope] Just a little hope
|            |B                |E
[Just a little  faith] With a little love
|E                                           |E            |B           |
[Just a little love and understanding] A little love and understanding
|C      |    |      |
[Halleluyah, Halleluyah]
|F         |C        |G       |
  Let us all love one another
|C      |    |      |
[Halleluyah, Halleluyah]
|F            |C            |G
  Make all our hearts blind to colour
|C      |    |       |
Halleiluyah, Halleiluyah
SLOW    |F            |C        |G
                     God bless the child who suffers.

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