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Kenny Chesney - When I Close My Eyes

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When I Close My Eyes
By: Kenny Chesney.

This is an easy song to play, but it is in a tough key on the album. 
 He plays it in saw Kenny on TNN and he played it capo'd at the 4th 

(capo: 4th)
(verse 1)
There's so many things I didn't say,
And even though, it may be too late, 
           G9                                            D	
I want you to know, I still love you so.
Every car I meet, looks like your car.
Every movie I see, You play the leading part.
                      G9                                        D
Your on my mind.  I can't leave you behind.

                               G9                        C
When I close my eyes, you're all I see.
                         G9                           D
In the dark of night, you're in my dreams.
                            G9                             C       Am 
Throughout the day, you're easy to find.
                          G9                     D
You're always there,     
 When I close my eyes.

(verse 2)
In my mind I know, you're far away.
But here in my heart, nothing has changed.
              G9                             D
I'm still holding you.  Like I used to.
On a busy street, or in a crowded room.
Where ever I go, it's just me and you
          G9                                     D  
Together again.  Girl it never ends.

(chorus again)

Like I said, It sounds great in B, but if you can't sing that high, 
drop it down a step or two and find your range.

Submitted by:  Donny Haltom     

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prettyboy - 2005-11-20
the song is in Bb

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