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Brad Paisley - Long Sermon, The

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Song: The Long Sermon
Artist: Brad Paisley
Uploaded by: Eddie Garcia
Transcribed by: Eddie Garcia (

A                                         E
They read the scripture, they passed the plate
Weíre both praying he donít preach late
But heís getting amenís, and thatís just our luck
Yeah itís eighty-five degrees outside and heís just getting warmed upÖ

Oh you and me, we could be soaking up that sun
Findiní out just how fast your brotherís boatíll run
Iíll tell yaí there ainít nothing thatíll test your faith
        A     E                  A
Like a long sermon on a pretty Sunday.

A                               E
Well itís been raininí all week long
I woke up this morning the dark clouds were gone
Weíve both been raised not to miss church
But on a day like today heaven knows how much it hurtsÖ

(repeat chorus)

F#m                D                    A
See that sunlight shininí through that stained glass

F#m G#m  Am C#   D             E   A
How much longer is this gonna lastÖ


(repeat chorus)

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