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Rascal Flatts - Mayberry

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Mayberry - Rascal Flatts
Album: Melt
Written by: Arlos Smith
Transcribed by: Steve Melton

The original transcriber tabbed this out with the right
Chords, however they actually play it with a capo on the 
2nd fret to give an open ring from the B and E strings.  
Changes were made accordingly.  Try plying this version 
along with the other version with 2 guitars.  It sounds 
quite nice.

***Capo 2***

Chords in verses and intro played as bar chords with
B and high E string open.  (see chord chart)

Intro: E  EaddA  E  EaddA

E                            F#sus
Sometimes it feels like this world's spinning faster
Asus                        E
Than it did in the old days
E                         F#sus
So naturally we have more natural disasters
Asus                         E
>From the strain of a fast pace
E              F#sus
Sunday was the day of rest
         Asus             E
Now it's one more day for progress
E                             F#sus
And we can't slow down, cause more is best
Asus                E  
It's all an endless process

G          C 
But I miss Mayberry
D                             C                  G  C
Sittin' on the porch drinking ice cold Cherry -- Coke
                                   D     C 
Where everything is black & white (Na Na Na Na...)
G            C
Pickin' on a six-string
D                       B7                       Em
People pass by and you call them by their first name
C                        D       E   EaddA  E  EaddA
Watching the clouds roll by, bye bye

Verse 2:
Sometimes I can hear this old earth shouting
Through the trees as the wind blows
That's when I climb up here on this mountain
To look through God's window
Now I can't fly, but I got two feet
To get me high up here
Above the noise and city streets
My worries disappear


A                             D                E
Sometimes I dream I'm drivin' down an old dirt road
A                    D   E
Not even listed on a map
A                    D                  E
I pass a dad and son carrying a fishing pole
      Bm7            Bm7/C#       D           E
But I always wake up every time I try to turn back


Chords: (all relative to capo)
E    =	  022100
EaddA =	  022200
F#sus =	  244300
Asus =    577600
G    =	  320033
C    =	  x30210
D    = 	  xx0232
B7   =    x21202
Em   =    022000
Bm7  =	  x24232
Bm7/C# =  x44232
A    =    x02220

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