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George Strait - Rhythm of the Road

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Song: Rhythm of the Road
Sung By: George Strait
CD: #7 , Strait out of the Box
Written By: Dan McCoy 
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence

1.I'd rather be home, 
                           G               D
But I make my livin' on the go

Big silver eagle spreads her wings
           E                               A
And drops us at another show
I think about holdin' my baby tonight
          G                                   D
As I listen to the big wheels roll

Three days into a six-week tour, 
 G                       A                  D
Getting in the rhythm of the road

2.We pick and sing, 
Say "goodnight" then we'll be flyin'
My world's a chain of one-night-stands 
Strung together by the center line
I don't know where I'll wake up tomorrow, 
But I can't let the tempo slow
Every town is just another beat, 
livin' in the rhythm of the road

The rhythm of the road's got a mind of its own

If you find it it'll drive you insane
Like the clackity-clack of a railroad track
I'm rattlin' like an old freight train
Towns are flashin' by, the folks are wavin' "hi"

They all start to look the same
Gotta stop for a minute, be glad I'm in it
Remember just why I came


3.Those highway signs, Lord, they keep me on the move
I think about givin' it up sometimes, 
And gettin' in a diff'ren groove
But I just let the days slide by, 
Get goin' with the flow
A four/four beat's the only time I keep, 
livin' in the rhythm of the road
A four/four beat's the only time I keep, 
livin' in the rhythm of the road
Livin' in the rhythm of the road

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