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George Strait - Good Time Charley's

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Good Time Charley's
George Strait



Oh I know a place called Good Time Charley's
A little four piece band swingin' out of sight
And I'll be here if you want to party
				A		   D
From nine in the morning 'til twelve at night

                            G                                    D
Two miles from town 'cross the railroad track
                             G                              A
Turn right at the light and park in the back
			D                                         G
You're always welcome, don't forget to drop in
			D      A                        D
Old Good Time Charley's any time you can

Well I've heard talk about a trouble maker
Dropped in one night, but never came again
They said he left with an undertaker
			        A                        D
Old Charley done time, two years in the pen

			G				D
Well the beat goes on, there's a hardwood floor
			G				A
And the sound of laughter runnin' out the door
		   D                          	    G
Wall to wall women, plenty of ice-cold beer
			D    A                     D
Anything you're after you can find it here

Repeat First Chorus

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