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George Strait - Let's Fall to Pieces Together

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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Subject : "Let's Fall To Pieces Together" sung by George Strait
Written by Dickey Lee, Tommy Rocco, Johnny Russell
Album : Right Or Wrong
Transcribed by : Masayuki,  E-mail:
(capo 1)
  G                          C            G
1. Pardon me, you left your tears on the jukebox
                            D7            G   G7
   And I'm afraid they got mixed up with mine
   I don't mean to pry
    G             Em         A
   It's just that I noticed you 
   Goin' out of your mind
   It looks like were two of a kind

Chorus :
    G             G7       C
   Let's fall to pieces together
    G                        D
   Why should we both fall apart
    G                      F    C 
   Let's fall to pieces together
          G       D7          G    D
   Right here in each other's arms

Inst : G  G  F  C  G  D7  G  D7

     G            C        G
2. Alone is much better together
                       D           G   G7
   When the worst is still yet to come
       C                           G
   So let's share the rest of the tears 
   That are left
         A                           D
   From two hearts that just came undone
   Why should we go crazy alone

Repeat Chorus 

    G             G7       F    C 
   Let's fall to pieces together
          G       D7          C      G
   Right here in each other's arms

  Masayuki         E-Mail:

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