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George Strait - Lefty's Gone

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Lefty's Gone/George Strait
Written by Sanger D. Shafer
Album : Something Special
Transcribed by : Masayuki (^o^)/, E-mail:
(capo 2)

Intro : Am  D  G  G(stop)

 Am                                     G
     A jukebox introduced us  when the sixties were still young
 Am                                       G                  -G-D/F#-
     "If You Got The Money Honey" got my nickels one by one
-Em                           D                              -Am-G/B-
     I tried to imitate that song
-C             D                  G
     It's not right, but Lefty's gone

Chorus :
          G-D/F#-Em - D -        C - G/B - Am - G -
     Now "Always Late" breaks my heart
        D                                  G                 -G-D/F#-
     And every song he sang, I played the part
-Em                                  D                       -Am-G/B-
     I heard he was sad and lived alone
-C             D                  G
     It's not right, but Lefty's gone

Inst : same as intro
 Am                                               G
     He played the fair in Dallas one year in the cold October rain
 Am                                 G                         -G-D/F#-
     Most folks stayed home and warm but he sang just the same
-Em                                 D                         -Am-G/B-
     I caught a chill before I got home
-C             D                  G
     It's not right, but Lefty's gone

(Repeat Chorus)  -G-D/F#-
-Em                                         D                -Am-G/B-
     It don't seem like he was around that long
-C             D                  G
     It's not right, but Lefty's gone

"Lefty's gone" break my heart......

If you have any question,E-mail me.

   Masayuki         E-Mail:

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