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George Strait - Baby Blue

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"Baby Blue" sung by George Strait
Written by Aaron Barker
Album : If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')
Transcribed by : Masayuki,  E-mail:
Key Of E
(Capo 2)
Intro : D  Em/D  D-Maj7  Em/D
              D               F#m
1. She looked so much like a lady
               G               A
   But she was so much like a child
   F#m                Bm
   A devil when she held me close
       Em7            A
   An angel when she smiled
       D               F#m
   She always held it deep inside
            G            A
   But somehow I always knew
        D                  F#m
   She'd go away when the grass turned green
           G         (G/A)   D 
   And the sky turned Baby Blue

Chorus :
          D  F#m         G             A
   Baby Blue     was the color of her eyes
         F#m  Bm          G          A - A7/Bb -
   Baby Blue,    like the Colorado skies
        - Bm   
   Like a breath of Spring, she came and left
       D                   E -
   And I still don't know why
 - G - F#m                   Bm            G    (G/A)    D
   So, here's to you, and whoever holds my Baby Blue, tonight

Inst : same as Intro
                D             F#m
2. She brought color to my life
            G                 A
   That my eyes had never touched
  F#m                 Bm
   When she taught me how to care
         Em7            A
   I've never cared so much
   D             F#m
   I try not to think of her
          G              A
   But I fall asleep and do
        D                   F#m
   And drift off where the grass turns green
            G     (G/A)  D
   And the sky is Baby Blue

Repeat Chorus :

Repeat Chorus :(Key of E#)

  Masayuki         E-Mail:

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