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Brad Paisley - Me Neither

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Me Neither
Brad Paisley

Album: Who Needs Pictures
Written by: Paisley/DuBois/Rogers
Transcribed by: Eddie Garcia (
(fast beat)

Darlin' I've been standin' here just watchin' you all night
And I think I've even caught you watchin' me a couple times

If I don't ask I'll never know this may sound dumb, but here we go

Do you believe in love at first sight…

  F                                  C
Me neither, I'm glad that we agree believe me, that's a big relief
Well, this place is awful crowded and this music is so loud
Would you like to go and grab a bite to eat, Me neither…

It's nice to finally meet a girl who doesn't move to fast
I was only checkin' that's the reason that I asked

Relationships need time to grow you and I should take this slow

And darlin' tell me, would you like to dance…

  F                                        C
Me neither, I was just being polite thank goodness
My feet are much to tired, I'm sure you're tired too

I can see an empty booth, would you like to maybe sit and talk a while,

F                                    C
Me neither, We'd never get along I'm thinkin'

There's no chemistry at all
This has been a waste of time and I'm runnin' outta lines

Don't you think it's time for me to end this song…

F                (guitar solo)
Me neither

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