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Tracy Byrd - Big Love

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                BIG LOVE    tracy byrd

(C)                   (F)    (C)
you need a man to get lost in  with a heart big enough
   (F)  (C)                        (F)         (C)
to  roam no more fences for you to look through  with your
                          (F)  (G)                    (F)
heart caught in a strangle hold,Ive got a love full of wide
    (C)    (G)
open spaces.

N.C      (C)      (F)           (C)             (G)
Ive gotta,big love wild and free room to grow as big as
           (C)                  (F)            (C)
your dreams deep as a river in a ragin flood as endless
      (G)         (F)
as the stars above Ive got a big love.

when two hearts make a stand together on a solid rock of
trust they could be a million miles from each other and
still be side by side in love.I want to love you like 
that forever
                    REPEAT CHORUS

(G)                             (F)          (C)
you never dreamed you could have all you ever wanted
(G)                   (F)      (G)
darlin you can have it all with me
                     REPEAT CHORUS
             (C)   (F) (C)
Ive got a big love      Ive got a big love.

transcribed by
Scott Daniels
does any one have or can anyone figure out the chords to
"from where im sittin" by gary allan,,,,come on wheres
the love of a challenge

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