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Lonestar - No News

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

                            LONESTAR  --  NO NEWS

>From the CD:  Lonestar  (BMG).  I learned it by taping the video so I don't
have writer/publisher/copyright info and I missed the intro.  Transcribed by
Darragh Egan  with help from John Encinio

Key of Bb - Capo 1st fret and play in key of A.

She [A]said "It's just a woman thing" and [A]pulled out of the drive.
[A]I said not to worry, I'm an [A]understandin' guy.
I've [D]heard that when you love someone, you've [D]gotta let em go.
She [A]hollered: "When I find myself you'll [A]be the first to know."
[G]Ooo-ooo- [E]hoo-oo,  No [A]news!   [E]

I've [A]learned to do the laundry, feed the [A]cat, and clean the house.
I [A]promised to be patient while she [A]worked her problems out.
[D]When she packed her bags, her desti-[D]nation wasn't clear;
But I [A]sensed that her intentions were [A]honest and sincere.
[G]Ooo-ooo- [E]hoo-oo,  No [A]news!   [A]

   She could [A]telephone, [G]tell a friend,
   [D/F#]Tell a lie about [F]where she's been.
   [A]Send a pigeon, [G]send a fax;  [D/F#]Write it on a [F]post-it pad.
   [A]Send a signal [G]up in smoke, [D/F#]tap it out in [F]Morse Code.
   [E]I prefer a bad [E]excuse, to no [A]news!   [A]

Her [A]mama's been a little vague as [A]to her whereabouts.
Her [A]sister says "I'm certain your [A]romance has headed south."
[D]I don't have a single doubt [D]that she's still in love;
My [A]level of anxiety is [A]just a product of...
[G]Ooo-ooo- [E]hoo-oo,  No [A]news!   [A]

   She could [A]telephone, [G]tell a friend,
   [D/F#]Tell a lie about [F]where she's been.
   [A]Send a pigeon, [G]send a fax;  [D/F#]Write it on a [F]post-it pad.
   [A]Send a signal [G]up in smoke, [D/F#]tap it out in [F]Morse Code.
   [E]I prefer a bad [E]excuse...

   She [A]missed her bus, [G]missed her plane;
   [D/F#]Surely this can [F]be explained.
   [A]Lost her car [G]at the mall;  [D/F#]got locked in a [F]bathroom stall.
   [A]Playing guitar [G]with The Band;  [D/F#]on the road with [F]Pearl Jam.
   [A]Buried with The [G]Grateful Dead;  [D/F#]came back as a [F]Parrot Head.

   [A]Got derailed, got [G]de-iced;  [D/F#]offered as a sacri-[F]fice.
   [A]FBI, [G]CIA;   [D/F#]If they've seen her [F]they ain't 
   [A]saying.  [G]   [D/F#]   [F]
   No [A]newwwws! [G]  [D/F#]  [F]
   Still no [A]news!  [G]  [D/F#]  [F]
   Oh-oh!  [A]  [G]  [D/F#]  [F]      (fade out)

I originally submitted this in 1996 when I was still a fairly novice guitar
player.  Thanks to John Encinio for pointing out some errors in the original
transcription.  There is a version of the song where they sing:  "Joined a
cult, joined the klan" instead of "Playing guitar with The Band", but I
transcribed the version I hear most often.  John also suggested that
"post-it pad" should be "post dispatch" which makes sense lyrically, but I
went with what I hear.

The verses are a variation on a basic twelve bar blues chord progression.
The rhythm guitar plays even double strumming through almost every measure,
with a slight emphasis on the first and third beats.  I get the D/F# by
hooking my thumb over the top of the neck onto the sixth string/second fret
while my fingers hold a standard D chord formation.  The D/F# can be played
as just a normal D chord and it sounds fine, but I like to follow the bass
line movement as I'm playing the chords.  I'm working on a tab transcription
that will give greater detail on that.

Any questions, comments, or further corrections can be sent to me.

- Darragh Egan 

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