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George Strait - You Haven't Left Me Yet

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"You Haven't Left Me Yet" sung by George Strait
Written by Dana Hunt, Kent Robbins
Album : One Step At A Time
Transcribed by : Masayuki,  E-mail:
Capo 3
Intro : D  G  D  G
1. The laughter is gone
   The crying' is over
   And I'm not losin' sleep anymore
   The walls are all bare
   The closet's half empty
   The phone doesn't ring like before
  A               G
   I'm done with fallin' apart
       A                        G   A
   I' waitin' for my change of heart

Chorus :
      D       A
   I wake up alone
            G         A
   Knowin' I'm on my own again
    D            A            G   A
   Got it all straight in my head
            D           A
   Must be somethin' I missed
         G             A
   As I went down the list
            D            A          G
   Of the things that I need to forget
   Everything's gone
        A                   D
   But you haven't left me yet

Inst : =Intro
2. I painted our room
   Replaced all the curtains
   And there's a new rug on the floor
   Called up the Good Will
   Said come and get it
   Everything she left behind is yours
  A                     G
   I can still see you drivin' away
       A                       G  A
   So why do I still see your face


Repeat Chorus

Bridge :
   There's not a picture left
   Not a stitch of clothes
   But there's still something here

   And I don't believe in ghosts

Repeat Chorus (twice)

Outro :  D  G  D  G    D //

Masayuki   E-Mail:

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