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George Strait - Baby Your Baby

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"Baby Your Baby" sung by George Strait
Written by Phil Thomas, Hal Newman
Album : Pure Country
Transcribed by : Masayuki, E-mail:
GS site:)
(CAPO 2)
Intro : A  B7  E  E 
1. All you know-it-all lovers  Better heed some advice

   If you're bad to your baby  You better think twice
    A                   B7            E
   Love don't come easy,  love ain't blind.
2. You've got to show her you love her  More than a night

   Be there for her just to make things right
    A                 B7                              E           
   Make her believe  Till there ain't a doubt in her mind.
           E                      B7
   Better baby your baby  With a love that's strong
    A                             B7
   Hold her and tell her  You'll never do wrong
           E                     B7
   Better baby your baby  'Cause if you don't
    A            B7         E
   One day your baby'll be gone

Inst :  A  B7  E  E
3. Don't let her get lonely  Don't make her cry

   Don't take her for granted  Don't tell her a lie
    A                 B7            E
   Bring her red roses  When she's blue
4. Give her the best of  What you've got to give

   You'll be together  As long as you live
           A            B7                 E
   Better baby your baby  And she'll baby you

Repeat Chorus 

Repeat Chorus

Outro : A  B7  E  E...//

Masayuki   E-Mail:

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