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George Strait - She Took the Wind From His Sails

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"She Took the Wind from His Sails" 
by George Strait from the album "George Strait" 
Written by Dean Dillon and Donny Kees 
Transcribed by Jason and Jennifer Hannan 
Intro:  D  A 
[D]Outer banks of North Carolina 
Lies a sleepy harbor town 
Generations of old sailors 
Dropped their sails and [G]settled down 
[D]Sam he is a young seafarer 
Grandson of a schooner man 
Catherine is a sail maker’s daughter 
Today he’s gonna [G]take her hand 
[Bm]Calm [G]waters 
[Bm]Wish them [G]well 
His ship’s come in 
[A]She’s put the wind in his [D]sails 
[D]Catherine is a canvas painter 
Paints the sun and sand and sea 
Lately she’s been painting a portrait 
Sammy is a [G]dad to be 
Repeat chorus 
[D]January brought the fever 
Sam was right there by her side 
Doctor told him son I’m sorry 
But Catherine needs your [G]prayers tonight 
[D]Morning light brought Sam a daughter 
Fever took his better half 
Sam gave Catherine to the water 
As he held their baby [G]to his chest 
[Bm]Calm [G]waters 
[Bm]Wished him [G]well 
His ship came in  
But [A]she took the wind from his [D]sails 
His [G]ship came in  
But [A]she took the wind from his [D]sails

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