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Diamond Rio - Finish What We Started

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By: Diamond Rio
From: Charlie Schweitzer (CccSchw@AOL.Com)

(Intro)  G  F#  Bm  C  G  D  G
              G                      D
(1st Verse)  Lyin' on our backs, we stared at the stars.

   Em                     C
Tryin' to count them, or guess how far.

G                     D
I still remember the way that it felt, 

        Em                            C      D
The night we hung our dreams out on Orion's belt.

     Am                          C
The moonlight danced out on the water's edge.

    Am        Bm               C     D
We started a walk that hasn't ended yet.  And...

           G       D         G       D
(Chorus)  Step by step, and mile by mile.

   C                D       C                        D
Takin' each turn together, followin' the signs that point to forever,

     G       D    Eb0              Em C
And side by side, true and tender heart-and we'll 

 G     D     C   G
Finish, what we started.

              G                            D
(2nd Verse)  The road we had traveled has sometimes been steep,

           Em                               C
And we've crossed trouble waters that were ragin' and deep.

         G                       D
All the mem'ries to lean on and love as our guide,

        Em                       C         D
There's no path too winding, no river too wide.

Am                        C
One foot in front of the other each day,

 Am           Bm                    C    D
Keepin' a promise that two young lovers made.  So...

                 C     G    D  C      G
(Chorus) (Tag)  We'll finish what we started.


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