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Diamond Rio - One More Day

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One More Day
By Diamond Rio
Transcribed by David L. Hyson

Key of E
4/4 time


	(Capo at 4th)	(Open)

E	x76454		022100	
A	577655		x02220	
B	764447		x24442	
E/D#	x66454		xx1100	
E/C#	x46454		x42100
E/B	7x6454		x22100


Lick (in open position)

|E               |E/C#            |A               |B               |

      "One more day . . . "


|E		|E/C#		|A		|B		|
|E		|E/C#		|A		|B		|
|B		|

Verse 1:

|E		|E/C#		|E		|E/C#		|
Last night I 	had a crazy	dream.			       A
|E		|A		|F#		|B		|
wish was granted just for me it could be for any- thing.
|E/C#		|A		|E	E/D#	|E/C#	E/B	|
I didn't ask for money	  or a mansion in Mali-	 bu
|A		|B		|E		|E		|
I simply wished	for one more day with you.


		|E/C#		|B		|E		|
        One more day                   one more time
|E/C#		|A		|B		|E		|
        one more sunset maybe     I'd be satis-	fied.
|E		|E/C#		|B		|E	E/D#	|
        But then again,	I 	know what that would do
|E/C#	E/B	|A		|B		|E		|
	Leave me wishin' still, for one more day with you

Repeat intro progression and lick w/ ad libs

Verse 2:

First thing I'd do is pray for time to crawl
I'd unplug the telephone, keep the tv off
I'd hold you every second, say a million "I love you's"
That's what I'd do with one more day with you

Chorus repeats twice, then repeat this kind of thing a few times:

|E	E/D#	|E/C#	E/B	|A		|B		|
	Leave me wishin' still, for one more day with you

For the last 8 bars, repeat first 8 bars but maximize the drama.

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