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Diamond Rio - She Misses Him On Sunday the Most

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She Misses Him on Sunday the Most
by:Diamond Rio

*song is picked until CHORUS then strummed until bridge to Bm, etc.
Intro:  Dmaj.7-D-G    Dmaj.7-D-G   Dmaj.7-D-G***

***hyphens indicate quick changes.

  (G)                                Dmaj.7-D-G
They were quite a pair,
  (G)                                        Dmaj.7-D-G
the way that love should be.
  (G)                              Dmaj.7-D-G
They still held hands,
  (G)                   Bm
for the world to see.

Bridge 1:
(Bm)     E                      Asus4           A                 D
D/C#    Bm
She's thankful that she  had    him   all    those years;
(Bm)      E                             A             Asus4
But she still has days she can't hold  back  the tears.

CHORUS: strum
         G-hold                               Asus4     A
She misses the Monday night bowlin' league
  D                                   D/F#         G      G/F#
when they'd wear their matching shirts.
          Em                                             Asus4  A
She misses their Wednesday night dinner out
       D                      D/F#            G      G/F#
as soon as he got home from work.
   Em                     Asus4    A       Bm                A      G    /F#
Saturday mornin' sleepin' late, holdin' each other clo-o-ose.
                Em                 Asus4-A      Dmaj.7(intro...)
But she misses him on Sunday  the most.

She sits alone
on that same old pew again.
His tenor voice
echoes now and then.

Bridge 2:
Brings back all those mem'ries
in their by her side.
What she'd give
for one more Sunday drive.

(to intro)

     G        /F#           Em                Asus4-A       (intro)-> + End
on Dmaj.7-D-G
hmmmm but she misses him on Sunday   the most....

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