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Diamond Rio - She Sure Did Like To Run

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She Sure Did Like to Run
performed by Diamond Rio on "IV"                                
written by:Walt Aldridge                         

  F                    C           Bb
1.She made her exit a month ago tomorrow
   F                          C
  Called up her mama and asked if she could borrow
     F              C          Bb
  Enough money to leave for awhile
   F                                C
  Her mama said "You always were impulsive child"

2.She bought a ticket at the Greyhound station
  Said she needed a permanent vacation
  Ran out of money by santa Fe
  Hitchhiked the rest of the way

            Bb                   F
C.And she blew into town with a runaway heart
          Bb                    C
  Like a Santa Anna blowin' down Ocean Boulevard
   Bb                       F
  Everybody said she was a restless one
          Bb                              F
  Never knew where she was going but she sure did like to run

3.She took a job with a bucket and a wet mop
  Saved her paychecks and bought an old ragtop
  She'd crank it up and let her hair down
  They'd hear her comin' for miles around


4.Last time I saw her she was letting the top down
  She wouldn't tell me but I think she was South bound
  She waved goodbye and looked back and smiled
  And took off after the call of the wild



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