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Toby Keith - Santa I'm Right Here

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Santa I'm Right Here - Toby Keith
Album: Christmas To Christmas (1995)
Written by: Ron Reynolds

Intro: Em  A7 (x4)

I was downtown Christmas shopping
Such a busy city street
  C                                     D           Em
I don't know how I noticed the piece of paper at my feet
    Em                                      A7
But somethin' made me pick it up, instead of goin' on my way
I stopped and froze right in my tracks
     B                  Em
As I read what it had to say

Oh Santa, if you can't find me
We're livin' out here on the street
   Em                    C
But I'll be watchin' for you
           Em               C
You're not gonna forget me, are you
Daddy says he knows you'll try
   C                                  D
But we might be too hard to find this year
Oh Santa, I'm right here

Em  A7 (x2)

It said, we don't have our house no more
I wish we could go home
C                                   D                Em
Mama says we will some day and she prays it won't be long
    Em                              A7
But they closed daddy's factory and took most of our things
Now Santa, I don't need too much
    B                  Em
So this year could you bring

Bring my mom a coat that's warm
Cause the one she's got is awful torn
Maybe dad could help you work
Am               C    G   C
Makin' toys for boys and girls


Em  A7  (repeat to the end while repeating "I'm right here")

A7  =   x02020
Am  =   x02210
B   =   x24442(bar chord) or xx4442
C   =   x32010
D   =   xx0232
Em  =   022000
G   =   320003

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