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George Strait - Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
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chorded by:  Randy Fisher

D               F#m7
Love is so beautiful
        Bm          F#m7
when everything is fine
                      G                  D
but when it ends like hers and mine
     G                D
it lives and dies at least
       A7           D
ten thousand....... times


  D               D/F#        G
Tell me something bad about Tulsa
          D/F#           A7           D
how those old oil wells smell in the wind
                            D/F#       G
tell me something bad about Tulsa
so I don't have to go back
  G           A7          D
believing I belong there again

 D                                G
eyes as blue as tulsa skies
                 A             D
I kept getting lost in when I met her
  D                          G
hair like Oklahoma sand
                 A                D
I could run my hands through forever
    F#m7                 Bm 
but all good things must end
      D             G              Em
all rivers have to bend
        D/F#                  G
I keep running out
                 G            A
but she keeps pulling me back in

(Repeat Chorus)

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