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Clint Black - You're Gonna Leave Me Again

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Song: You're Gonna Leave Me Again
Sung by: Clint Black
Written by: Clint Black & Hayden Nicholas
Album: Killin' Time
E-mail: icepac51

Capo 1st

Intro:   D   G   Em   A   G   A   D
D                      Em  A                          D
Just like a rerun movie   I see that scene again
                                    Em              A
That feeling shoots right through me   'cause this time I know the end
                                      Em            A
And I've seen it played so many times  And I've watched it frame by frame 
                                            Em    A
And I don't have to guess who loses   And I know who'll feel the pain 

                   G           Em   A                             G       D
You're gonna leave me again  Just like you did the time before
                 G       Em   A
This is the start of the end 
 G                                         A          D
Em   A  D
The end of me  when you walk out that door

                        Em                     A                 D
Think I'll go down to the picture show  See if they're playin' somethin' new
                                    Em        A
Maybe one with a happy ending   And I'll pretend It's me and you
                                  Em                 A                    D
But I know that It's just make believe   So I won't even try 
                                          Em               A
To tell myself that you're not gonna leave   And that you'll never say

Outro:  Em   A   D   Em   A   D   Em   A   D   Em   A   D   Fade...

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