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George Strait - Marina Del Rey

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MARINA DEL REY - George Strait

D                           G
We said goodbye in Marina del Rey
   BbĦ            Bm               G              A             G
"I had a good time" was the last thing I heard her say
                    D       A
As I walked away
D                        G
And on the plane back to Tennessee
      BbĦ              Bm                G      A
My mind comes across her memory
G                                       D
And yesterday in Marina del Rey

CHORUS: On a hidden beach under a golden sun
                D                  D/C#                Bm7        Bm7/A
                She spread a blanket that we laid down on
                And loved the world away
                In Marina del Rey
                And as we looked into each other's eyes
                D                  D/C#             Bm7       Bm7/A
                We found our bodies lost in paradise
                       G             A                   D 
                Like castaways in Marina del Rey

D                             G
Like the ocean tides, highs and lows
BbĦ          Bm     G              A        G
Love sometimes comes and goes away
                    D         A
In Marina del Rey
D                            G
And as this plane is touching down
BbĦ                   Bm       G       A
Tears touch my eyes for I have found
      G                                          D
My heart has stayed in Marina del Rey


We said goodbye in Marina del Rey...

The piano parts in between verses and in the intro are all basically played
around the D major chord, I think.

D:         xx0232
G:         3x0033
BbĦ:      xx2320
Bm:      x24432
A:         x02220
D/C#:    x40232
Bm7:     x24232
Bm7/A:  x04232

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