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Little Texas - You and Forever and Me

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Little Texas
You And Forever And Me
By. Porter Howell and Stewert Harris


 G                         C                        G                   1/2

                             C  D

1st Verse:

The moon is off my shoulder,
the sun is in my eyes.
Almost to my hometown,
it's just another mile
Am          G             Am           G   
Memories surround me of an old familier time.
Am              G          Am                    Am7/D
Life was simple then, when your love was mine.

              G   Am       Am7/D
There's a cool wind on the desert tonight.
      G               C           Am              Am7/D
I can almost see your golden hair flying in the moonlight.
G Bm          C
Ooh, it was a restless kind of free,
             Am         Am7/D       G
when it was, you and forever and me.

2nd Verse
I pulled off the highway on your side of town
Make the turn past the railroad tracks as the sun goes down.
I remember how you would wait by the front porch light.
You were always ready to take a midnight ride.

Em                         A           Am
Sometimes love is lost and never found.
           G             C             Am11/D
But I just had to see if you're still around.


  Am7/D     Am11/D

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