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Little Texas - What Were You Thinking

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What were you thinking
By:  Little Texas

Key of A

Intro: A  D  E  A (2 times)

A                 E           F#m                 D
So you think I'll be alright, and I'll forget you in time
A                               E            
And I won't want you here with me every night,
F#m                         D
And we can still be friends once in a while.
        E   D                   E
Think again, cause maybe you're wrong
Bm        F#m                   D                         E
How can I just be friends with someone I've loved for so long.

D             E     A           F#m         D        E      A
What were you thinking when you turned your back and walked away?
F#m        D            E   A             F#m       D      E        A
Who do you think you're leavin'?  Did you think I'd let it end this way?
F#m            E    A    (D, Bm, E, D (two times))
What were you thinking?

A               E               F#m                      D
If you're gonna break my heart, you'll have to do it the hard way
A                          E
And if you're really gonna tear us apart,
F#m                               D
Then can't you think of something better to say
                   E       D                  E
Than you'll always love me, but you need some time?
Bm                    F#m                   D               E
You're only trying to tell me goodbye, stop trying to be so kind.

Chorus(instead of playing A at the end, go right to next verse in D)

D                   A                           F#m
I would never wanna leave you, but if I were to leave you
                         E      (no chord)                D
I would never leave this way, how could you leave me this way?

Solo (below-play chords D E A D E A F#m D E A F#m D E A)

Chorus + D  E  A
F#m             E  A    F#m                E         F#m  D  E  A F#m D
what were you thinkin'? Baby what were you thinkin'?  Yeah   yeah
   play the 6(and 5)
on the bend for both


Jason A. Wendtland

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