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Brad Paisley - Don't Breathe

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Brad Paisley - Don't Breathe

Key of G 
Intro:  G C G C G C 

 D              C         G 
Oh yeah, sure, no problem 
I'll just throw away these feelings 
Let go of all these hopes and never think of you 
 D                 C                G 
No offense, but you've lost it 
If you think I'll just forget you and decide that 
I don't  love you, do you realize what you're telling me to do 
                                   G                           C 
It's like saying don't breathe, or don't blink 
          G                    C                          G 
well darlin' i don't think you understand 
see, i can't just turn this off 
                                   G                   C 
It's like saying don't eat or don't sleep 
        G                                     C                       G   
our love's just one of those things that i've gotten  
               D                   G 
used to doin' way to long 
same chords through next verse and chorus, just repeats

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