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Brad Paisley - Hard to be a Husband, Hard to be a Wife

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Song: Hard to be a Husband, Hard to be a Wife
Artists: Brad Paisley and Chely  Wright
Written by Brad Paisley and Chely Wright
From the CD "Backstage at  the Opry" This song only appears on this CD
Transcribed by: Denis & Aimee  Robichaud

Chely:   C
You wouldn't believe the number of times  
       F              C
I've heard somebody  say
How come some guy
some  handsome prince, 
        D          G
hasn't swept you  away.
        F                 C
But I take off on that tour  bus
                    G/B   Am7
a different city every  night
O an doing what I love to do
makes it hard to be a  wife.   Modulation: A7SUS A7   Brad:
You wouldn't  believe
the number of times  
       G               A7sus
I've been asked that  myself.
 D          A/C#    G/B
Folks can't  understand
        A7sus      Em7   
why a heart like  mine
                 A7sus    A7
is still on the  shelf
           G            D/F#
But  I'm married to my music
       A       Bbdim    Bm7
an I have  been most my  life
              G           D/F#
It   makes it hard to be a  husband
                  Em7          A7sus   A7
Chely:  makes it hard to be a  wife-
G                         A          Bm7
Cuz I'd rather  play the grand ole  orpy,
G               A             D   Dsus  D
than go out to dinner an a  movie
Right now I'm not thinking bout
     A           Bm7
a family of  my own
(Chely)-  cuz the bands on  stage,
                  A7sus       A7
(Brad)- and I'm late for my  show.    (interlude repeat  verse)
              G                    A
(Togehter-) There's folks that think  
my life  is lackin
        G                 A
cuz my time at home is usually  
           D Dsus   D      G
spent  packin/          might  assume
                     A                 Bm7
that I don't have a clue what loves  about
(Chely-) but I  know love
          A7sus           A7
(Brad)  of that I have no doubt.                  D
(Chely)- cuz you wouldn't believe 
       D/F#          G          A7sus  A
the way  if feels to hear somebody say
     D             A/C#    G/B   A7sus
Your song sure means a lot to  me, 
            Em7              A7sus  A7
it got me through a real tough  day.
        G                    D/F#
(Brad-) If hearing words like that mean  
      A         Bbdim    Bm7
giving up my soul to  life.
                   G        D/F#          Em7
(Chely-) Then  I've got all the friends I need    on that on that front  row.
                   G         D/F#        Em7
(Brad-) Then I've got all  the friends I need,    on that back  row.
               G               D/F#
(Togehter) And we can't see those folks  
Em7               A7sus   A7
unless were never  home
                    A7                 G
(Chely) and that makes it hard to be a  wife
                         A7sus    A7
(Brad-) an hard to be a  husband,
(Chely-) an that makes it Hard to be a wife.   
*** I had to have the music to this song, We  worked on it together figuring
chords/lyrics because we relate 100%, Hope that  everyone that has been
looking for this song, plays it as a tribute to these  Writers and for
songwriters/musicians everywhere**   Thanks.

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