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Brad Paisley - Somebody Knows You Now

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Artist: Brad Paisley
Title: Somebody knows you now
cd: Mud On The Tires
released: July 22, 2003
chords by:

   -----(capo 3rd fret)-----

(B7 = x21202) 
(Asus2 = x02200)

INtro - Em - C - Am7 - D
        Em - B7 - G - Asus2 - C - D - G

(verse 1)
Em                   B7
You use to say, you wanted someone,
    G               Asus2
To know, you inside out,
C               D
 And as I look back on things,
G           C
Congratulations baby,
Am7       D         G
Somebody knows you now,

(verse 2)
Em                     B7
All of this time, you told me you wished,
      G                        Asus2
That you could figure yourself out,
C                         D
 You say you're still a mystery,
G           C
And no not really not to me,
Am7           D         G - C-C/B -Am7- G/F# -C -C/B
Yea somebody knows you now,

I gotta hundred bucks that says,
               Dm             C
Righ now your hairs up in a clip,
      Dm               G
Your socks don't quit match,
And you're bitin your lip,
I can finnish your thoughts,
              G        Em
Oh pick the right resturants,
      C      C/B     Am7     G   F
Even order for you 'for you sit down,
Am7              D        G
   Yea somebody knows you now,

(lead chords - 
     Em - B7 - G - Asus2 - C - D - G - C - Am7 - D - G)

(verse 3)
Em                       B7
So no matter where, your life's path leads,
  G               Asus2
Remember me some how,
C               D
Feel a little warm inside,
G  C/B         C
Kmowin that somewhere tonight,
Am7       D         G
Somebody knows you now,
C                    D
Well baby all your mystery,
G           C
Like you and me's history,
Am7             D         Em - B7 - G - C - C/B - C
Cause somebody knows you know

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