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Brad Paisley - Hold Me In Your Arms

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Hold Me In Your Arms (And Let Me Fall) - Brad Paisley
Album: Mud On The Tires
Writers: Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois/Kelley Lovelace

Intro: D7  G   D  A  D  A

D7                    G
Hold me in your arms just see how it feels
      A                     A-Ab-G               A
Don't make me wait forever just because you know I will
       D7                                 G
Don't leave me hangin', wishin', waitin', hopin' that you'll call
        D               A               D    A
Darlin' hold me in your arms and let me fall

D                G             A            D
You've got reservations, well darlin' so do I
    G             D              E7            A
But mine are at a restaurant six-thirty Friday night
D                 G             A           D
I swear you won't regret it if you agree to go
    G                D       E7              A
Just do me one small favor before you tell me no


Instrumental chords:

Steel solo:  |D7   |D7   |G   |G   |A   |A7  |G   |A   |
Fiddle solo: |D7   |D7   |G   |G   |D   |A   |D   |A   |
Guitar solo: |D7   |D7   |G   |G   |A   |A7  |G   |A   |
            |D7   |D7   |G   |G   |D   |A   |D   |A   |

D                G            A                D
When you go out shopping you try on brand new clothes
   G                D                   E7              A
To see if something fits or not there's just one way to know
D             G              A                D
Why's it any different when someone asks you out
     G                 D          E7                 A
You might as well just try me on before you turn me down

CHORUS (the "A" after 'fall' changes to a G)

G             D               A               D
Yeah darlin' hold me in your arms and let me fall

Outro: D7  G   D  A   D

A   =   x02220
A7  =   x02020
Ab  =   466544(bar chord)
D   =   xx0232
D7  =   xx0212
E7  =   020100
G   =   320003

Note: for the little A-Ab-G walkdown play bar chords
A   =   577655
Ab  =   466544
G   =   355433

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