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Tim McGraw - Renegade

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song: Renegade
by: Tim McGraw
Tim usually starts his shows off with this; cause it kicks butt....

(G)Baby I(F)go to(C)fast to far,

(G)let's get it(F)straight now the(C)way things are

(G)I'm not the(F)white night in your(C)fantasy__,

(G)but I could(F)be your(C)wildest dream__,


(G)I might(F)ride with the(C)wind,

(G)I might(F)follow the(C)sun___, 

(G)I gotta(F)go where(C)I've never been; 

(G)Cause my heart(F)beats to a diffe(C)rent drum,

(D)it's just the way i was(C)ma-de__,

I'm a(G)renega-(F)_-_(C)-de___,

I'm a(G)renegade(F) (C),

(G)I'm gettin' this(F)feeling that I(C)should be gone,

(G)something keeps(F)tellin me to(C)take you along,

(G)I got a(F)chevy with a(C)big back seat,

(G)climb on(F)in and take a(C)chance on me.

repeat chorus:


(D)Don't even think about(C)settlin' down,

(D)Ain't gonna hang my hat in(C)no home__town__,

repeat chorus: 

(C)I'm a(G)renega-(F)-(C)-de____, (repeats and fades)

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