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If You're Gonna Walk, I'm Gonna Crawl
performed by:Sammy Kershaw on "Feelin' Good Train"


1.I'm a Monday Night Football, Friday night pool hall guy
  I ain't never been one to let a good time pass me by
  You're standing there statin', you're tired of waitin', celebratin's gratin'
           on you
  If you feel that way, if it'll make you stay, well here's what I'm gonna do

                   B                A
C.If you're gonna walk, I'm gonna crawl
          E                                 A                 B
  You'll see how low a man can go when his back's aganst the wall
            B                              A              E
  I'll be grovellin' in the gravel if you make that taxi call
                   A                E   EABE
  If you're gonna walk, I'm gonna crawl

2.You're a one man, pure gold, genuine, good old girl
  You've been waitin' on me to get tired of my neon world
  Now the turn you've taken has got me shaken, it's a heart-breakin' wake-up
  Now I'm seein' how you see me and I feel about shoe-top tall


                        transcribed by:Paul Leafgreen

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