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Pain Pain, Go Away
by Garry Bennett
performed on The Big Backyard Beat Show by BR5-49
tabbed by Rob Hart (

this is a very Johnny Cash sounding song with the Luther Perkins like
leads. But still a great song.

E                       B7			            E
Tin roof flakin all around my bed
E  			     B7				  E
Crashing like the thunder in my head
A						                        E
And the rain keeps pourin down and you are not around
E				    B7
Try to sleep and wish that I was dead

A                     E
Pain Pain, go away
B7                                                              E
She won't be back my skies are grey                  
Storms may never come to stay
B7                    								 E
The winds keep a changin and blowing me away

Solo (rythm same as verse)

(chords same as chorus for this verse)
Oh lord I pray for a better day
I'll be right down here looking for the sign
If things don't work out my way 
help me understand the grand design

(Chords same as verse for this verse)
Used to be when things would get me down
I could see the silver in the clouds
Every night from dusk to dawn
The storm inside me rages on
Makes me feel like crying right out loud


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