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Willie Nelson

  It's by Hoagy Charmichael, lyrics by Stuart Gorrell.  I play a guitar
  arrangement in G.  Here goes ...

  [G] Georgia ... [B7] Georgia, 
  [Em] The whole day [C] through ... [Cm]
  Just an [G] old sweet [Em] song keeps [A] Georgia [D] on my [B] mind
    ...  (( [Bdim/E]  [A9] [D6b9]  (or some suitable turnaround) ))

  [G[ Georgia ... [B7] Georgia,
  [Em] A song of [C] you ... [Cm]
  Comes as [G] sweet and [Em] clear as [A] moonlight [D] through
     the [G] pines ...  (( [Cm]  [G]  [B7] ))

  [Em] Other [Am] arms reach [A7] our to [Am] me,
  [Em] Other [Am] eyes smile [G] tender [B] ly,
  [Em] Still in [Am] peaceful [G] dreams I [Bm] see,
  The [G] road leads [Em] back to [A] you ... [D]

  [G[ Georgia ... [B7] Georgia,
  [Em] No peace I [C] find ... [Cm]
  Just an [G] old sweet [Em] song keeps [A] Georgia [D] on my
     [G] mind.

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