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Tracy Byrd - Lately (Dreamin' Bout Babies)

**Capo 2**

Intro:  D  G  A Asus A (x2)

Verse 1:
D          G              A                           D
I used to think I had it made, everytime we said goodnight
            G                 A                                   Bm
This little dating game we've played, has always seemed to feel alright
         F#m7        G                Asus A
I had my privacy and your heart on a string
Bm             F#m7              G           Asus A
And it's never been my style to ruin a good thing

Chorus 1:
       G                                  D
Oh but lately, I've been thinkin' bout a change of plans
                   A                               D
Maybe get a couple wedding bands, and do something crazy
                     G                                      D
Maybe get a piece of land and see, if we can start a little family tree
Well I don't know what's gotten into me
G                            D
But I've been dreamin' bout babies

G  A Asus A

Verse 2: (chords same as Verse 1)
I know it can be hard these days, to be a family man
I know that all the experts say, you need to live life while you can
I've heard psychology on what makes true love true
And I've read the books with educated points of view

Chorus 2: (chords same as Chorus 1)
Oh but lately, I've been leaning more to Dr. Suess
Reading up on Mother Goose, it seems she's quite a lady
I been seeing lots of pinks and blues, and little bitty tennis shoes
Hearing "good night daddy, I love yous"
Yeah I've been dreamin' bout babies

A          Bm             F#m          G                Asus A
I used to dream of fancy foreign cars, and black tie affairs
         Bm               F#m              G                Asus  A
How we'd live in seperate condos, while we climb the golden stairs

Chorus 3:
       G                                  D
Oh but lately, I've been thinkin' that it makes more sense
                        A                          D
To build a house with a picket fence, forget the Mercedes
                     G                                D
Get some puppy dogs and training wheels, and a family Oldsmobile
I can't believe just how good it feels
                   Bm     A  G
To be dreamin' bout babies
       F#m7             Em7            A
I can't believe just how good it feels, no

D  G  A Asus A  D

A   =   x02220
Asus=   x02230
Bm  =   x24432(bar chord) or xx4432
D   =   xx0232
Em7 =   020000
F#m =   244222(bar chord)
F#m7=   242222(bar chord)
G   =   320003

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