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Title TypeViewsDate AddedRating*
4 Minus 3 Equals ZeroChords3,32205-20-2005None
80 Proof Bottle of Tear StopperChords4,27302-08-2004None
A Fire I Can't Put OutChords5,31902-08-20045.00
A Real Good Place To StartChords3,19002-06-2004None
Ace In the HoleChords4,92602-06-2004None
All My Ex's Live In TexasChords15,32202-06-20044.00
All Of MeChords4,86905-08-2004None
Always Never the SameChords2,51702-07-2004None
Am I BlueChords3,26105-17-2005None
Amarillo By MorningChords17,90402-06-20045.00
Amarillo By MorningChords49,67802-06-20044.75
Any Old Love Won't DoChords2,40002-07-2004None
As Far As It GoesChords3,37002-07-2004None
Baby BlueChords8,87902-07-20043.25
Baby BlueChords5,44902-07-20043.00
Baby Your BabyChords4,38202-07-2004None
Baby Your BabyChords4,12302-07-2004None
Baby's Gotten Good At GoodbyeChords8,39102-07-2004None
Back To Bein' MeChords3,04702-07-2004None
Best Day, TheChords5,26702-07-20042.50
Big One, TheChords3,63202-07-2004None
Blame It on MexicoChords3,56402-06-2004None
Blue Clear SkyChords6,48302-06-20045.00
Carried AwayChords6,23605-20-2005None
Carrying Your Love With MeChords13,82302-06-2004None
Chair, TheChords7,71502-06-20044.33
Chair, TheChords/Tab8,27202-06-20045.00
Chair, TheTab5,80802-06-2004None
Check Yes or NoChords11,94602-06-20042.50
Check Yes or NoChords10,02302-06-20042.00
Christmas CookiesChords6,21702-07-2004None
Cowboy Rides Away, TheChords10,22902-06-20045.00
Cowboy Rides Away, TheChords/Tab7,88202-06-20043.00
Cowboys Like UsChords8,65102-06-2004None
Do The Right ThingChords2,65605-20-2005None
Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your MindChords5,69302-08-2004None
Don't Make Me Come Over There and Love YouChords2,77602-08-2004None
Don't Tell Me You're Not In LoveChords/Tab2,48505-20-2005None
Down and OutChords2,84002-07-2004None
Down and OutChords1,84705-17-2005None
Down Louisiana WayChords3,15602-07-2004None
Drinking ChampagneChords3,38802-08-20041.00
Easy Come, Easy GoChords5,73702-06-20044.67
Every Time You Throw Dirt On HerChords2,94902-07-2004None
Famous Last Words of a FoolChords4,48102-07-20045.00
Fire I Can't Put OutChords4,46102-08-2004None
Fireman, TheChords8,03502-07-20045.00
Fly Me To the MoonChords11,87602-07-20042.00
Fool Hearted MemoryChords5,79802-07-2004None
Four Down And Twelve AcrossChords2,73705-20-2005None
Friday Night FeverChords3,76202-07-2004None
Go OnChords3,96402-06-2004None
Gone As A Girl Can GetChords3,08205-19-2005None
Good Time Charley'sChords3,79002-07-2004None
Haven't You HeardChords3,29602-07-2004None
Heaven Is Missing An AngelChords3,68605-20-2005None
Heaven Must Be Wondering Where You AreChords2,98402-08-2004None
Her Good-bye Hit Me In the HeartChords3,11302-06-2004None
Holding My OwnChords2,03805-19-2005None
Hollywood SquaresChords3,33802-07-2004None
Home ImprovementChords2,58302-06-2004None
Honk If You Honky TonkChords2,69805-20-20055.00
Honky Tonk CrazyChords2,71902-07-20043.00
Honky Tonk Saturday NightChords/Tab2,40205-17-2005None
Hot Burnin' FlamesChords2,18802-07-2004None
I Ain't Never Seen No One Like YouChords3,38402-07-2004None
I Can Still Make CheyenneChords10,08102-07-20045.00
I Can't See Texas From HereChords3,81605-17-2005None
I Cross My HeartChords12,30602-06-2004None
I Cross My HeartChords12,56502-06-20045.00
I cross my heart w/ Intro TabChords/Tab6,83208-12-20055.00
I Don't Want to Talk It Over AnymoreChords3,27602-07-2004None
I Found Jesus On the Jailhouse FloorChords4,81202-08-2004None
I Get Carried AwayChords6,47302-06-2004None
I Get Carried AwayChords/Tab5,43402-06-2004None
I Hate EverythingChords17,80611-12-20043.00
I Just Want To Dance With YouChords8,25202-06-2004None
I Know She Still Loves MeChords3,58302-06-2004None
I Look At YouChords2,33302-07-2004None
I Met a Friend of Yours TodayChords2,56602-07-2004None
I Should've Watched That First StepChords2,13302-08-2004None
I Thought I Heard You Calling My NameChords2,67402-07-2004None
I Wasn't Fooling AroundChords1,87305-19-2005None
I'd Just As Soon GoChords2,04202-07-2004None
I'd Just As Soon GoChords1,62005-20-2005None
I'd Like To Have That One BackChords2,69302-08-2004None
I'll Need Someone Like MeChords1,87102-07-2004None
I've Come To Expect It From YouChords3,04302-07-20042.00
I've Come To Expect It From YouChords2,06205-19-20053.00
I've Got A Funny FeelingChords2,09502-08-2004None
I've Never Gonna Let You GoChords2,01602-08-2004None
If I Know MeChords5,24302-06-2004None
If It's Gonna RainChords2,06402-07-20044.00
If You Ain't Lovin', You Ain't Livin'Chords2,15105-17-20055.00
If You Can Do Anything ElseChords2,22102-08-2004None
If You're Thinking You Want A StrangerChords3,50002-07-2004None
In Too DeepChords2,56402-06-2004None
Is It Already TimeChords1,89402-07-2004None
It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About YouChords2,85702-07-2004None
It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About YouChords2,15302-08-2004None
Just Look At MeChords3,10302-06-2004None
King of Broken Hearts, TheChords7,07702-07-2004None
King of the MountainChords3,28502-07-2004None
Last In LoveChords6,45202-07-2004None
Lead OnChords3,85102-07-2004None
Lefty's GoneChords3,66102-07-2004None
Let's Fall to Pieces TogetherChords5,98802-07-2004None
Living and Living WellChords3,13102-07-2004None
Lonesome Rodeo CowboyChords2,61902-07-2004None
Look Who's Back From TownChords/Tab2,04305-20-20055.00
Looking Out the Window Through the PainChords2,29002-07-2004None
Love Without End, AmenChords8,68302-07-20045.00
Lover In DisguiseChords2,25305-17-2005None
Lovesick BluesChords3,27205-19-2005None
Man In Love With You, TheChords4,70102-08-2004None
Man In Love With You, TheChords3,72102-08-2004None
Marina Del ReyChords5,98702-08-2004None
Merry Christmas Strait To YouChords/Tab3,34902-08-2004None
Middle of Nowhere, TheChords3,05105-20-2005None
Milk Cow BluesChords8,16802-07-20045.00
Murder On Music RowChords3,89902-08-20045.00
Murder On Music RowChords5,13802-08-20045.00
My Heart Won't WanderChords2,16702-07-2004None
My Infinite LoveChords2,49305-20-2005None
Nerve, TheChords3,29402-07-2004None
No One But YouChords3,01305-20-2005None
Nobody Has to Get HurtChords3,29202-07-2004None
Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left HerChords4,71402-08-2004None
Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left HerChords3,29802-08-2004None
Ocean Front PropertyChords6,41702-07-2004None
One Night At A TimeChords4,54502-07-2004None
One Night At A TimeChords4,54502-07-2004None
One of YouChords2,87602-07-2004None
One of YouChords2,76802-07-2004None
One Step At a TimeChords3,25802-07-2004None
Only Thing I Have LeftChords3,02905-17-2005None
Overnight MaleChords3,40302-07-2004None
Peace of MindChords3,09902-07-2004None
Real Thing, TheChords3,06902-07-2004None
Remember the AlamoChords3,19002-07-2004None
Rhythm of the RoadChords2,82702-07-2004None
Right Or WrongChords8,63805-17-20054.50
Road Less Traveled, TheChords/Tab4,18305-20-20055.00
Rockin' In the Arms Of Your MemoryChords2,77902-07-2004None
Round About WayChords2,58802-07-2004None
She Knows When You're On My MindChords2,98302-08-2004None
She Lays It All On The LineChords3,26802-07-2004None
She Loves MeChords3,27802-07-2004None
She Took the Wind From His SailsChords2,75702-08-2004None
She Took the Wind From His SailsChords2,53402-08-2004None
She Used To Say That To MeChords3,72702-07-20045.00
She'll Leave You With a SmileChords4,86502-08-2004None
She'll Leave You With a Smile (new)Chords8,75302-08-20045.00
She'll Leave You With a Smile (new)Chords/Tab14,54302-08-20045.00
So Much Like My DadChords3,12602-07-2004None
Someone's Walking Round UpstairsChords1,96202-07-2004None
Stars On the WaterChords5,75002-07-20045.00
Stay Out Of My ArmsChords2,13702-07-2004None
Steal Of The Night, TheChords1,93605-17-2005None
Tell Me Something Bad About TulsaChords5,64102-08-2004None
That's MeChords3,03902-07-2004None
That's The BreaksChords2,77702-07-2004None
That's the TruthChords2,78102-07-2004None
That's Where I Wanna Take Our LoveChords2,35402-08-2004None
That's Where My Baby Feels At HomeChords1,82105-19-2005None
There's A New Kid In TownChords3,45602-07-2004None
Thoughts Of A FoolChords2,39502-07-2004None
Today My World Slipped AwayChords2,91902-07-2004None
Too Much Of Too LittleChords1,75705-19-2005None
Trains Make Me LonesomeChords2,55002-07-2004None
Under These ConditionsChords3,03502-07-2004None
We Really Shouldn't Be Doin' ThisChords3,07702-08-2004None
We're Supposed To Do That Now and ThenChords2,73902-08-2004None
What Am I Waiting ForChords2,86502-07-2004None
What Do You Say To ThatChords3,27102-08-2004None
What Do You Say To ThatChords2,90702-08-2004None
What Do You Say To ThatChords2,74102-08-2004None
What Do You Say To ThatChords2,74102-08-2004None
What Do You Say To ThatChords2,93902-08-2004None
What's Going On In Your WorldChords3,11005-19-2005None
When Did You Stop Lovin' MeChords3,32302-08-20044.00
When It's Christmas Time In TexasChords2,22302-08-2004None
When It's Christmas Time In TexasChords2,08802-08-2004None
Where the Sidewalk EndsChords3,68102-07-2004None
Why Not NowChords2,36902-07-2004None
Without Me AroundChords1,98302-07-2004None
Without You HereChords1,94505-17-2005None
Won't You Come HomeChords1,93302-07-2004None
Write This DownChords5,65002-06-20044.50
Write This DownChords3,20802-06-2004None
Write This DownChords2,91002-06-2004None
Write This DownChords2,78102-06-2004None
Write This DownChords3,33002-06-2004None
Write This DownChords/Tab11,31202-06-20045.00
You Can't Make a Heart Love SomebodyChords4,73402-08-20045.00
You Haven't Left Me YetChords2,89302-07-2004None
You Know Me Better Than ThatChords5,04102-07-2004None
You Look So Good In LoveChords7,26502-07-2004None
You Sure Got This Old Redneck Feeling BlueChords3,33702-07-2004None
You'll Be ThereChords9,94505-23-2005None
You're Dancin' This Dance All WrongChords3,06702-07-2004None
You're Something Special To MeChords4,43402-08-2004None
You're Stronger Than MeChords2,64505-20-2005None

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